I accidentally deleted this video, so this is a reupload.

This batch was for Western cultured and the strain was Cascade Connie. This is available in stores now!

This video came from UC81ib48fhgCg0dMQQGNmarg ‘s channel on Youtube

25 thoughts on “Making wax at omegaconcentrates

  1. Chevy Manning Music says:

    Once the product is oil I purge it for about 20 times longer than 12 hours bro at that time you will have a stable product but there will still be a bit of tane in it.. i started making my own because every dispensary sells concentrates with solvent still in it rarely do I see bho that doesn’t sparkle up when under a lighter flame for a solid second.. that’s how you should be testing to make sure it’s safe to smoke bro

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